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Gonçalo, Carlotta & Gabriel

Andrea takes spectacular photos and captures the most beautiful moments. You can tell that she is passionate about her work because she is very professional and patient. I would 100% recommend her. I hope to be able to do another session again. 

- Gabriela Albir

Sofía Elena & Mario Miguel

A photographer like no other! Dedicated, loving, and above all, with the greatest patience to always take the perfect photo. She surprises us with her work in each session, and my children and I love her! 

- Leila Kafati


Sebastián & Mateo

We've had several photo sessions and we always leave delighted. Andrea enjoys what she does. She is super professional and creative, but above all, she is incredibly patient with children! Without a doubt, she turned her passion into her job! Thanks for everything! 

- Genie Durón

The Canahuati-Pagels

Andrea is the best of the best! Her work speaks for itself. Love and patience in each shot to achieve the perfect photo!! Thank you for always giving us the most beautiful memories! 

- Natalie Pagels


Andrés, Martín & Emilio 

Andrea is the best! She takes her time with each shot and has a spectacular eye! We are always more than pleased with your work!! 

- Sofia Bográn


I have loved all the photoshoots I have worked on with Andrea. She has been taking photos of Jonas since he was 6 months old, and they have hit it off very well. I love Andrea's style as she manages to capture realistic moments in an artistic way. Her photos look real and very cute. In addition, she is very creative when putting together the sets for birthdays, Christmas, or Mother's Day. Thanks for everything, Andrea. You are truly an artist! 

- Ana Marcela Rodríguez


The Khoeling-Peña

Gerardo. my oldest son was only 10 and Mena 3 years old when I started doing these beautiful sessions with Andrea Laitano in 2015, and after 7 years, I love seeing how my children have changed! I am just so in love with my family, feeling blessed. Thank you Andrew, love you.

- Jovhanka Peña

Maria Paula & Anabella

One of the best decisions I could make as a mom was choosing Andrea to photograph my daughters. Not only does she take beautiful photos, but she is also amazing with babies and keeps them comfortable and happy during each session. She has been with us for four years, and we would not change it! 

- María José Tefel


Fernanda & Natalia

I started doing sessions with Andrea before Fer and Nati came into this world and I loved each photograph. Without hesitation, I knew that she would bring out the best in my two princesses. I highly recommend her! Her dedication, love, and patience in each session make his lens capture the best moments. My daughters and I love her! 

- Alejandra Membreño

Valeria & Valentina

I have the best memories that sometimes my mind can’t keep. Andrea has managed to capture moments of my daughters' lives and capture them in a lasting way through time. 

Now, thanks to her, I have a million memories that I can look at at any time, and that is priceless. Thank you, Andrea

- Viviane S


Lucas Salomón

Andrea, we are very grateful for your work. You are super professional, patient, and affectionate with our baby. She made us feel comfortable and confident, which is definitely the best way to perpetuate this special moment in our lives. Again, a million thanks!

- Rosa Lobo

Pablo Nicolás

We are delighted with the photo session and the magic with which Andrea captured the love for our baby, Pablo Nicolás. Her work shows her deep passion and patience, which can be seen in her spectacular photographs. We are very grateful and hope you can continue to photograph our family throughout the years!

- Cory Cáceres


The Wards

We had the opportunity to share a session of my babies, Parker & Preston, as a surprise gift from their godfather! What an incredible detail! The truth is that the experience with Andrea was very pleasant and super relaxing! She is really personable, very sweet, insightful, and extremely patient! Her experience and capture of spontaneous moments is phenomenal and is reflected in the organic, simple and natural photographic shot! What a precious memory! We are completely in love with Andrea and the "behind the lens" magic of our photo shoot! 

- Parker, Preston, Elisa & Jason

- The Wards

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